Momfession #49: The phone call

mom on phoneThis evening, I had to make a quick business call from home. Thankfully, it isn’t something I have to do often any more (once, I had a psycho boss that would call my cell at all times of day or night just to “chat”). I knew it would only take a minute, and the kids were playing relatively quietly in the living room, so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. “Hey guys,” I said, to both kids and the hubster who was playing on his iPod, “I’m just going to make a quick call for work…can you just keep it down?” They all seemed to acknowledge that they heard my request, so I dialled the number.

Not two rings in, something happened. My kids instantly went from playing with each other and speaking in normal tones, to running around me in circles, screaming. They became possessed beings, laughing maniacally and chasing me while I ran from room to room, laptop in one hand, cell phone wedged between my shoulder and ear. I apologized profusely to the person on the other end of the line, who certainly must have thought I had 10 kids instead of two, and tried desperately to sound light hearted and playful, while mouthing “STOP IT” and putting on my best mean mom face. I ended up in the only room in our house with a lock on the door: the bathroom. As I attempted to finish my call, with my laptop balanced on the sink, my two lovely children screamed and pounded on the door. And where, you might ask, was my husband this entire time? In the living room, still playing on his iPod.

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Momfession #5: Brinner

breakfast for dinner

This momfession came from my friend and fellow mom Caroline. OK so everyone does it once in a while…the old breakfast-for-dinner routine (brinner? brupper?). Well, I do it a lot. I’m talking like once a week. It is just so easy and it is one of the only meals that I don’t hear whining, complaining, or random threats (“I’m just going to sit here…you can’t MAKE me eat this” is the most popular right now). I mean, it’s not that bad, right? You have your protein (eggs), your grains (toast), your dairy (margarine? OK I am stretching here), your…umm…

OK I never said it was healthy. But eggs and toast for dinner is a family pleaser, and sometimes I am just not in the mood for a fight. I figure, that’s what they make multivitamins for…right?