Momfession #6: TV (*gasp!*)

This momfession comes from mommy friend and blogger Heather. She says it really well so here we go:

I let Anna watch TV. In fact, sometimes I put the Wiggles on just to get a break for a moment. Honestly – the days are LONG when it’s just me and Anna and she wants to be entertained ALL. THE. TIME. 
After doing almost everything I can think of (and I’m so not a wonderful, perfect, crafty Mom who can create all the most amazing sensory play ideas in the world for her), I just don’t want to sit in the car for an hour while she plays with the steering wheel and mirrors – AGAIN. Sometimes, I’m too hot or tired to play at the park for another hour. Sometimes I don’t want to fight with her. So when she begs to watch TV… I let her.
Sigh. I wish I was perfect. But I ain’t. So my 19 month old watches TV.
I concur, Hez. My kids watch TV and let me tell you…it’s not all educational (as much as I try to convince myself that my son can learn the difference between right and wrong by watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he is probably just learning the proper way to wield nunchuks or throw one of those ninja star thingys). After her nap, my 21-month-old daughter runs around the house shouting “SpongeBob!” or “Swiper no swipe!” until I turn on the TV (at which point, she demands a bowl of goldfish because really, who wants to watch TV without a snack?).
So yep, I too let my kids watch TV. But how else am I supposed to distract them while I am making brinner?
Kailyn and Gabriel spending some quality time with the TV

Momfession #5: Brinner

breakfast for dinner

This momfession came from my friend and fellow mom Caroline. OK so everyone does it once in a while…the old breakfast-for-dinner routine (brinner? brupper?). Well, I do it a lot. I’m talking like once a week. It is just so easy and it is one of the only meals that I don’t hear whining, complaining, or random threats (“I’m just going to sit here…you can’t MAKE me eat this” is the most popular right now). I mean, it’s not that bad, right? You have your protein (eggs), your grains (toast), your dairy (margarine? OK I am stretching here), your…umm…

OK I never said it was healthy. But eggs and toast for dinner is a family pleaser, and sometimes I am just not in the mood for a fight. I figure, that’s what they make multivitamins for…right?

Momfession #4: Nighttime hellos

Some nights, I wake up my kids just so I can say “hi”. Most of the time, it starts off innocently enough: I will go in my toddler’s room to check on her, and see her move slightly when she hears me come in. Then, I straighten her blanket and she changes positions again…this time with a little smile on her face. At that point, I just HAVE to yank that teddy bear out from under her head (what if she gets a neck cramp?) and not so quietly rearrange the pants in her dresser. And then, “Oh- Kailyn…you’re awake? Shhh go back to sleep baby…mommy loves you.” She usually smiles and says “Hi Mommy” before drifting back to sleep. My son, on the other hand, sleeps like a rock. But if I do manage to wake him up, he always greets me with a smile and an “I love you.” I know I shouldn’t do it, but those sleepy moments are just so precious. I can’t help it!

Kailyn and Gabriel trying to get some sleep

Momfessional #3: going to the gym

Sometimes, I go to the gym just so I can shower. I might do a quick workout (does two laps in the pool count?), but really I am there for the shower. A clean, toy-free shower. Towels I don’t have to wash when I am done. A lovely, kid-free area to dry my hair, apply makeup and feel like a lady…and not just a mom. It doesn’t hurt that the showers have those nice rain showerheads. Ah bliss.

Momfession #2: Dish laziness

Today, as I was unloading the dishwasher I pulled out a dirty dish. The same dirty dish that came out of the dishwasher dirty earlier in the week, and the week before that. I have washed the same dish in the dishwasher three times, instead of just hand washing the crustiness away. Oh and even though it isn’t completely clean, it  is now back in the cupboard with the other dishes. How’s that for lazy?

Momfession #1: No time for a “real” blog

There. I said it. My days are pretty full and I honestly don’t want to spend hours writing witty blog posts, linking in all of the trendiest parenting articles (which I don’t read) and making sure they are grammatically correct and hilarious.  But, I do have time to make a running list of things that I do which don’t adhere at all to the little parenting advice that I have read (mostly in beat up magazines at the doctor’s office…only after I have made my way through US Weekly, of course). There are so many “super moms” out there (if you’ve met one, you know what I mean) who make us other moms look/feel bad. So here I proudly sit, on my couch (covered in cat hair), dishes still in the sink, eating the rest of my kids’ goldfish crackers and watching wedding shows as I write about how I don’t have time to blog. Mom of the year…right here!

My hope is that you will want to contribute your momfessions too. So if you find yourself nodding in agreement while reading these, please send me a note with some of your own momfessions and I will include them in the Momfessional. Just email me at momfessional at gmail dot com.

C’mon…I know you’ve got some good ones you’re just dying to tell. Trust me, it feels great…just let it all out!