I love being a mom and I think I am a pretty good one. But I’m definitely far from perfect. I’d rather watch bad reality TV at night than come up with some fantastic creative craft activity to do with my kids on the weekend. I giggled when my littlest one got kicked in the head by my older one on the monkey bars (she was fine, and I got it on video). I don’t always give my son healthy, organic snacks in his lunch (oh, the humanity!). But my kids are growing up fine and happy and I just have to think that maybe, just maybe it is OK to be this un-perfect. What`s more, there`s got to be a whole lot of moms out there that feel just like I do. So, if you`re one of them and have a momfession to share, drop me a line at momfessional at gmail dot com. I would love to share it!

In my “real” life, I’m Colleen Gauthier: a higher education marketer, a wine lover (who isn’t!), a wife to a pretty cool dude, a baseball and floor hockey player, and a fan of travelling (the less luxurious, the better). Feel free to connect with my “other” self on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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