Momfessional #47: Freaking out


I was reading 46 reasons why my three-year-old might be freaking out the other day, and I couldn’t believe how accurate it was. The post was hilarious, and, while sharing on my Facebook wall, I added a few things that especially cause K to freak out these days:

  • The TV is not a touchscreen like the iPad or my phone
  • Her “plain pasta” has a speck of sauce on it
  • She wanted to choose her own orange vitamin, out of the bottle that only has orange vitamins left.
  • Her nose has a caterpillar in it (AKA it is stuffy)
  • I was squishing her when I laid in bed with her
  • I didn’t lay in bed with her
  • The (sleeping) cat tripped her
  • I didn’t warm her pants up with my hairdryer before she put them on
  • I won’t let her wear underwear, even though she refuses to use the potty
  • Her brother is looking at her
  • Her brother isn’t looking at her

The list goes on, and on, and on.

Then, I thought I would also create a list of reasons why my highly sensitive, often rigid, and somewhat moody seven-year-old might be freaking out:

  • It is too cold outside
  • It hasn’t snowed yet (and it’s DECEMBER, mom!)
  • The bus came early
  • The bus is late
  • We didn’t have pasta for dinner (and we ALWAYS have pasta on Tuesdays)
  • He can’t bring a toy to school
  • He can’t bring a Lego minifigure to school
  • He can’t bring a stuffed animal to school
  • He has to have a shower
  • He didn’t have time to have a shower
  • His sister is looking at him
  • His sister isn’t looking at him

And I didn’t stop there. I then decided I would get all introspective and create a list of reasons why I freak out, from time to time:

  • We’re running late (again)
  • The same dishes have been in the sink for four days
  • The kids are screaming at each other while I am on the phone
  • The house is so dirty I am pretty sure I just saw a dust bunny roll by, tumbleweed-style
  • What was supposed to be fun holiday baking turned into two angry kids and a kitchen disaster
  • My husband wasn’t looking at me when I was talking to him
  • My husband doesn’t want to sit and “just talk”
  • I don’t fit into the pants I wanted to wear today
  • Nothing is going the way I wanted it to!

So, perhaps the irrational freaking out has less to do with age, and more to do with not getting what you want. We all experience it from time to time (some more intensely than others). It just seems more ridiculous when a three-year-old freaks out because her pants are cold than when a grown woman freaks out because the house is a mess. Because the messy house is a more legitimate reason to freak out than cold pants, right? Well, to me it is. But to a kid, sometimes the world seems like it is crashing down all around them because reality isn’t living up to their expectations, no matter how insignificant those expectations seem. I guess I just need to remember that the next time K freaks out because I told her she can’t have a cookie for dinner. Cause you know what? That actually sounds pretty good to my 34-year-old self.


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