Momfession #33: Boy bling

Last night, while finishing our dinner, our seven-year-old son casually asked if he could get his ears pierced. And without missing a beat, I replied, “maybe when you’re older.” But then I turned and looked at my almost two-and-a-half-year-old daughter sitting across the table, fingering her own pretty little earrings and I started feeling guilty. If I am the non-gender biased mom that I claim to be, why can’t my son get his ears pierced now? Why the double standard of allowing a two-year-old girl the freedom to make the choice but not her older brother? Personally, I don’t have a huge issue with him getting his ears pierced now if he wants; perhaps it is more the judgement that I know both he and I will face if we allow it. Teachers will undoubtedly assume that we are irresponsible parents for letting him get his ears pierced. Other parents will likely judge the appropriateness of our decision. Some classmates may even tease him for his new bling. But why should worrying about what others might think stop us from providing our children with equal opportunities and not restrict them to the gender roles that society assigns? It is a good question, and one that needs to be considered. For now, our son has waned a bit in his desire to get his ears pierced; once he found out that it hurts “more than a shot” he began to reconsider. But we need to be prepared for the day when he asks again, and when that day comes, I am honestly not sure what we’ll say.


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4 thoughts on “Momfession #33: Boy bling”

  1. You always want what’s best for your kids, regardless of your own politics. I would love just to have my son have long hair – his hair is so pretty! But, we too have caved to what other people think. I guess it’s really for his best…

    1. I guess my question is more around the “fairness” of having different rules for boys and girls. It really doesn’t seem right, especially if I think about what I would do if my daughter wanted to chop her hair off and play solely with trucks. I know I would encourage her! This parenting thing is tough! 🙂

      1. It’s not fair. Girls acting “boyish” is much more accepted than boys expressing their feminine side. But is it the right time for him (and you) to fight against those who might object, or does that wait till later when it can really be called an expression of his real self and not something you should have just talked him out of. (I don’t really know, you’re right it’s tough)

  2. I seriously think that ear piercing is mostly for girls. The reason i think the boy shouldnt get his ears pierced ia because 1 he might think if its fine to get his ears pierced then wht shouldnt he get a nose ring or something like that 2 he might do the same to his baby boy when he gets married 3 when he gets married it wont be a good example to children

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