Momfession #30: Gimme some sugar

This momfession was inspired by a note from mommy friend and fellow blogger Laurel. It’s about chocolate, so listen up.

I have been trying to eat well lately. For the last few months, I have been doing an acceptable job of restricting my sugar intake. I switched my afternoon cookie-and-latte run to a plain-yogurt-and-kashi love-in. I traded my nightly ice cream or raw cookie dough fix for rice cakes and goldfish crackers. I even managed to stay away from the box of Oreos that my husband bought and then forgot about (how does one FORGET about Oreos??!).

But Easter….that was a doozy. While playing the Easter Bunny I ended up eating half of the bag of jellybeans (oh, the kids don’t really like those…I told myself). On our way home from dinner, our two-year-old got a hold of a bag of Reese’s Pieces and gnawed through the bag, crushing the candies inside. So, I decided that they were ruined and ate every last one of them (even the soggy ones). I’ve been snatching chocolates out of my son’s basket every time I walk by (even though the basket is on the highest shelf in the living room and there isn’t really any reason for me to walk through that room to begin with).

So, yeah, you could say my no sugar diet is blown. But what’s worse is that I am a total hypocrite. While I am secretly chowing down on their candy, I am simultaneously trying to explain to the kids why it is inappropriate to eat candy every day. “No, you can’t have candy in your lunch!” I exclaimed last week. “Candy isn’t healthy…it will make your teeth fall out!” I told my preschooler (to which she asked, “then tooth fairy will come?”. Smart kid.). “No, for the millionth time, dessert doesn’t have to be candy! Here, why don’t you have some delicious fruit? It’s like the candy of the earth!” (OK I didn’t use that last line but that would have been a good one).

I’m pretty sure I have never met someone whose teeth had fallen out due to candy. And if I ask my mom, she’ll tell me that my childhood was full of sugar (I do recall drinking a lot of Kool-Aid). So maybe it isn’t all that bad for my kids. Perhaps promoting good nutritional habits isn’t the only reason why I don’t want them eating all of that candy. Perhaps it has a little bit to do with my fear that there will be none left for me, and I’ll have to go back to eating bran flakes…


Author: momfessional

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