Momfession #26: I’m selfish and I know it

mom relaxing
I am selfish mommy, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I recently accepted a position at a new company and I left my former job on Friday. But instead of starting the new position right away, I decided to take a three-day “mommy vacation”. While some moms might take time off to spend with their kiddos, I take time off to spend it with myself. I still drop the kids off at their daycare/babysitter at the regular time, and purposefully don’t come back until their usual afternoon pickup time. And what have I been doing these last few days? I cleaned my basement one morning (it felt fantastic). I brought a ton of stuff to Goodwill (de-cluttering makes me positively giddy). I got my oil changed (I really know how to live it up). I watched bad daytime reality TV while eating chunks of ciabatta bread and cheese (best lunch ever). Not once did I feel guilty about it. And I didn’t once wish that my kids were home with me (Are you kidding? It is so QUIET in here!).

It goes without saying that I love my kids to death. But I also really, really love myself (how could I not?!). And I know when I need some time for me. Taking time for myself makes me a happier person, as well as a better wife, friend, and mom. I think that there are too many moms out there who forget that. So if you’re one of them, call in sick tomorrow, but don’t tell the kids. Then, go out and do something for yourself. Or if you’re like me, stay at home in your PJs and read a trashy magazine. I promise I won’t tell.


Author: momfessional

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6 thoughts on “Momfession #26: I’m selfish and I know it”

  1. SO glad you took some time for yourself – everyone needs that. And I too, am guilty of (very occasionally) taking days off where the kids go to school on time and are not allowed to know that I am at home, enjoying the blissful quiet. Can’t wait for you to start :).

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