Momfession #25: Sugar Momma

This momfession was inspired by a note that my dear friend Jess sent me a while ago, when I started this blog. She wrote about how sometimes, she takes her daughter to the donut shop and joyfully treats her to an unhealthy snack or two, because she gets tired of being responsible (while grandparents and the like get to be the “fun” ones). I completely agree, and this weekend, I basically threw responsible mommy out the window.

We’ve been going through some rough patches lately, with our son’s behaviour becoming more volatile at school, and our daughter going through various phases of two-year-old psychosis (lately, she just screams, at the top of her lungs…for NO REASON). So, I decided we needed some fun. I booked a hotel room and bought some tickets to an indoor water park and we surprised the kids with a one night vacation. And I made a promise to myself that, while we were there, all rules would go out the window. On our way to the hotel, we decided to stop for lunch. Fast food for lunch? Of course children…please, have some more french fries and ice cream. When we got to the hotel, our room wasn’t ready yet. Sure kids…you can definitely pound away your sugar high on that baby grand in the lobby…knock your socks off! When it was time for dinner, I practically forced my son to order a slushie AND dessert. It was an amazing feeling…saying YES felt fantastic. I was FUN mommy…I was “the best mommy ever”…this was “the best vacation ever”! I hit the mommy grand slam and I was basking in its glory. I liked this mommy…no fighting, no sad-puppy-dog-faces…just lots of hugs and slushie kisses.

The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel. It was a buffet and, after my son had already refilled his plate three times, I stopped him as he went to fill yet another plate with bacon. He looked at me and scowled. I was back to being responsible mommy again, just like that. Fun, irresponsible mommy was gone and boring old mommy who makes you eat your veggies was back again. I was kind of sad to see fun mommy go…she was a cool chick. But she was also my worst nightmare. Not only did she force-feed my kids sugar for a day, but she left responsible mommy to deal with the aftermath: a pair of overtired, overstimulated, hyperglycemic kids. Good thing fun mommy doesn’t show her face too often…


Author: momfessional

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