Momfession #22: Sleep is for the weak

tired momI am so, so, very weak. I am pretty sure that K is cutting her two-year-old molars and she has turned into a drooly, inconsolable, cranky kid who will not sleep. I literally did not sleep more than an hour last night, and when I put her down tonight I could tell we were in for another long, dreadful night. That is, until I found it. I was searching through her baby things, hoping to find the teething gel when I stumbled upon a soother. There it was, just staring at me, the little bear on it seeming to call out to me…saying, “c’mon…you know I am the answer to your troubles lady…just grab me!” So, I did. It didn’t matter that we spent a difficult week weaning K off of the soother just two months ago. I didn’t give a damn that it wasn’t even the correct shape for her toddler-sized mouth. I snatched it up, and burst into her room waving it around and saying, “Look! Look Kailyn! Mommy has a surprise! Now please, go to sleep!!”
So, I momfess…I am completely weak. When faced with a sleepless night and a screaming kid, I cave. I`m not proud, but I am also pretty sure I`m not alone.


Author: momfessional

Just an unperfect mom in an unperfect world. What`s YOUR momfession?

2 thoughts on “Momfession #22: Sleep is for the weak”

  1. I hope it “soothed” her to sleep. Sometimes you’ve got to revert to those things that can make them comfortable. Now the real challenge- hiding it again when she’s feeling better.

  2. We still haven’t weaned Anna off her soother. In fact, she has one in her mouth and holds onto one when she sleeps. There’s a Momfession for you… I haven’t even weaned my kid off hers yet! I bet she’ll be 3 and still using one. I’m weak, too!! 🙂

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