Momfession #19: I wet my pants

Yeah, the title really sums it up. Sometimes, I wet my pants and it is all my daughter’s fault. Why don’t us moms talk about that more often? I can’t be the only one with less-than-ideal pelvic floor strength. After all, that’s what happens when you pop an almost nine pound kid out of your hooha. I mostly pee when I run…like when I am playing baseball and have to run the bases after one of my stellar hits. Those times, I usually run back to the dugout and announce to my husband (and fellow teammate) “dude, I just peed my pants a bit!” to which he rolls his eyes and looks disgusted (ummm, hellooo dear husband…don’t forget that YOU pee on the toilet seat and I have to clean about gross). Or, when I sneeze. Dear god I feel like an old lady every time I cross my legs before I sneeze…but it seems to work. And there’s always those “surprise pees”, the ones you don’t know are coming until it’s too late (oops..I guess I shouldn’t have laughed THAT hard during the marketing meeting today).
I have this memory from when I was a kid. It was Thanksgiving and my mom and her four sisters were standing in the kitchen, laughing hysterically at something, each of them bent over slightly with their legs crossed. I seem to recall hearing them say something like, “stop or I’ll pee my pants!” Of course, at that time I thought it was just a figure of speech. Now, I know the truth. It could be genetic…perhaps all of the ladies in our family have exceptionally weak bladders. Or maybe, just MAYBE it really is a mom thing…just something we tend not to admit. Either way, perhaps it is time for me to invest in some Depends


Author: momfessional

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10 thoughts on “Momfession #19: I wet my pants”

  1. Completely true story: While visiting my parents at their house two nights ago, my 5 week old baby projectile puked onto my Mom’s face. I laughed so hard I peed my pants – enough to have to borrow undies and a pair of sweatpants from my Mom. It was my most shining moment.

  2. I’m getting hooked on Momfessions….some really good stuff….maybe you should take up writing as a profession…you are truly good at it….from your secret admirer….Sterling Elysian

  3. hahaha i definitely agree! i pee my pants all the time from laughing or working out, when i do jumping jacks i have to wear a panty liner or else lol and theres just nothing i can do about it lol 2 kids later and i feel like i need to buy myself diapers when i get them for the baby lol

  4. Get yourself to a pelvic floor physiotherapist and you’ll no longer live in fear of sneezes, coughs, sprinting to catch small children or other situations I used to dread. It’s not fun therapy, but it works. I even survived a trampoline session the other day with the kids πŸ™‚

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