Momfession #17: Our new puppy

My two-year-old darling daughter has recently learned how to pretend. Like, she pretends that her brother is hurting her when she is alone in the room with him and screams her head off so that we come running in to scold him (we caught on to that one pretty quickly). Or,  she pretends that she is hurt when we put her to bed because she doesn’t want to go to sleep…so she yells, “owww…owwwwwwww Mommy!” until I come back in to see what is wrong (that worked a few times, but only because one time I walked in and she actually had managed to get her leg stuck in her crib and was in pain). I know that this stuff is typical toddler behaviour (remember, I have been through this once before!) so why the witty blog post? Well, here’s my momfession: I have taken advantage of this new-found skill in an odd but effective way. The last two days, she has wanted to pretend she is a dog. She runs around the house, panting and barking and is quite the cute little puppy-girl. At dinnertime, a typically stressful time spent encouraging her to eat her food and telling her repeatedly, no…you may not have cookies for dinner, I now pretend I am feeding my Kailyn-dog. It goes something like this…

Mommy: Does my little Kailyn puppy want a treat?

Kailyn: Pant, pant (tongue sticking out)

M: Here you go (tossing some form of meat or veggie in her mouth)

K: chew, chew

M: Good doggie! (pats K’s head)

It works like a charm. I have no idea what people would think if they saw us feeding our new “puppy” but I honestly don’t care. As long as she is eating good food and isn’t screaming throughout dinnertime, I am a happy mommy. I will keep up this Kailyn-puppy act as long as possible. Or at least until we really start potty training…


Author: momfessional

Just an unperfect mom in an unperfect world. What`s YOUR momfession?

5 thoughts on “Momfession #17: Our new puppy”

  1. ROFL – this is too funny! I love it – thanks for sharing. And that picture is priceless!

    I’ve got 2 -3yr old twins and one is a particularly picky eater, so can relate to doing whatever it takes to get some good food in his belly on a regular basis.

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