Momfession #11: Tear-less and Guilty

split chin stitches
Kailyn in the ER before the stitches

In her short 21 months, my toddler has already experienced two “big” accidents. This summer, she fell into our pool. And last week, she stood on a chair, flipped it over and split her chin (requiring an ambulance ride, three hour stint in the ER and five stitches). Here’s the thing…in both situations, I wasn’t fazed. When she fell in the pool, I calmly jumped up, reached in and yanked her out (with the help of my future brother-in-law). And when she fell last week, I was actually sitting right next to her. I scooped her up, saw the giant gash in her chin, calmly told my six-year-old to get the phone, and called my husband and an ambulance. I even had to hold her down and watch while the doc stitched together her little chin (the whole time she was screaming my name); I didn’t cry one bit. I feel guilty that I wasn’t more upset. What kind of mother doesn’t cry when her baby gets hurt?! But to me, it is all part of the job. I am the one who takes care of things. I am the one who holds it all together. I am the one who my kids depend on to be stable and level-headed. Did my daughter’s anguish bother me? Of course. But for some reason, I just don’t get emotional about it. Sometimes, I feel like a cruel mom because of that. Other moms out there…tell me I am not alone!


Author: momfessional

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