Momfession #9: Why you little….

homer and bart

Sometimes, I want to strangle my toddler. Thank god.

Let me explain. When I first met my step-son, he was 18-months-old. He was so damn cute and awesome and it didn’t take long for me to love him. But there were days I wanted to strangle him (and still do!). Since I wasn’t his natural mom, there was always a tiny part of me that thought I had less patience for him because he wasn’t biologically “mine”. He has always been a really high energy kid, needing lots of attention and has had some behavioural issues in daycare and school. We have had some tough times in the last few years…and there have been times when I struggled to “like” my son.

When Kailyn was born, I was worried that I would love her more than I loved my son. I think every mom worries that they will love their kids differently and my situation didn’t make things any easier. And yes, there were lots of times that I felt Kailyn was just easier to be around. I mean, she was a baby that didn’t do much except sleep and be cute…who wouldn’t want to hang out with that when your six-year-old is throwing a fit about having to clean his room?

But I am happy to report that things have changed and I get equally annoyed with both of my kids now. Kailyn is deep into her terrible twos and pretty much lives to piss me off these days. She is cute as hell but if I have to tell her one more time not to spit on the floor I am going to scream. I definitely don’t like her in those moments. But, like the moments with my son, they pass. Before I know it, I am over it and back to being a mom who likes her kids again.

So yeah, I don’t like my kids sometimes. But at least I dislike them equally, and not too often.


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