Momfession #5: Brinner

breakfast for dinner

This momfession came from my friend and fellow mom Caroline. OK so everyone does it once in a while…the old breakfast-for-dinner routine (brinner? brupper?). Well, I do it a lot. I’m talking like once a week. It is just so easy and it is one of the only meals that I don’t hear whining, complaining, or random threats (“I’m just going to sit here…you can’t MAKE me eat this” is the most popular right now). I mean, it’s not that bad, right? You have your protein (eggs), your grains (toast), your dairy (margarine? OK I am stretching here), your…umm…

OK I never said it was healthy. But eggs and toast for dinner is a family pleaser, and sometimes I am just not in the mood for a fight. I figure, that’s what they make multivitamins for…right?


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7 thoughts on “Momfession #5: Brinner”

  1. Eggs and toast for dinner IS healthy! It’s not like you’re feeding them Fruit loops for dinner! I often give Anna oatmeal with some yogurt and mixed fruit for dinner – because she’ll eat it! 🙂 PS: Parenting is all about whatever works, right?

  2. OK let me clarify…when I say not healthy I mean because it lacks any sort of vegetable component (which at least half of every meal is “supposed” to contain…yeah right). I never come close to having that many veggies in a meal…especially this one! I am excited if my kids eat a carrot stick with dinner!!

  3. I think my household get’s it’s veggies in maybe 4 out of the 7 days a week at dinner. Sometimes I’m not sure if the veggies have been eaten by the children or if the children fed the cats their veggies… maybe it is less than 4 out of 7 days (and yes, my cats are weird-they eat anything, including vegetables).

    Luckily, my family LOVES B-fast night (what we call “breakfast for dinner” night). I of course take advantage of this, and do B-fast night once a week. Ps: Thank you for linking to my blog post on microwaving eggs 🙂

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