Momfession #1: No time for a “real” blog

There. I said it. My days are pretty full and I honestly don’t want to spend hours writing witty blog posts, linking in all of the trendiest parenting articles (which I don’t read) and making sure they are grammatically correct and hilarious.  But, I do have time to make a running list of things that I do which don’t adhere at all to the little parenting advice that I have read (mostly in beat up magazines at the doctor’s office…only after I have made my way through US Weekly, of course). There are so many “super moms” out there (if you’ve met one, you know what I mean) who make us other moms look/feel bad. So here I proudly sit, on my couch (covered in cat hair), dishes still in the sink, eating the rest of my kids’ goldfish crackers and watching wedding shows as I write about how I don’t have time to blog. Mom of the year…right here!

My hope is that you will want to contribute your momfessions too. So if you find yourself nodding in agreement while reading these, please send me a note with some of your own momfessions and I will include them in the Momfessional. Just email me at momfessional at gmail dot com.

C’mon…I know you’ve got some good ones you’re just dying to tell. Trust me, it feels great…just let it all out!


Author: momfessional

Just an unperfect mom in an unperfect world. What`s YOUR momfession?

2 thoughts on “Momfession #1: No time for a “real” blog”

  1. i don’t have any Momfessions yet, but I;m sure I will! By the way, you ARE a supermom….it has nothing to do with reading parenting articles and everything to do with love. Great blog idea!

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